Arizona Part 2: David Allan Coe in Cave Creek

Saturday Ryan and I woke up and got breakfast/lunch at this place called Pita Jungle in Chandler.  The menu had an awesome variety of food but I ended up getting this spinach quesadilla thing.  The service and the food were both pretty great; I’d go again.

Later in the day we eventually headed up to Cave Creek where we were gonna see David Allan Coe preform at a bar/restaurant called Harold’s Corral. When we first got into town it was still early so we decided to hit up this place called Frontier Town. It had this little bar in the back called “The Pour House” where I thought it would be cool to kill some time. When I walked in I saw the bar tender making a margarita and thought that sounded good so I ordered one.  It was probably one of the worst margaritas I’ve ever had and was like $8.  Oh well.

Mike made friends with the piano man at least.

We were going to head over to the Horny Toad Saloon next but decided to just go drink some beers in the parking lot to save some dough.

When we got to Harold’s the place already seemed like it was bumpin’.  We got inside and ordered some drinks and then found a sweet spot on the porch outside. We got helped right away and ordered more drinks and a pizza.  The pizza was surprisingly really good, not the sub-par bar food I was expecting.

The band opening that night was some douchey band called Young Country. They played a bunch of lame cover songs and looked like a bunch of dorks. Is that guy Orange? Totally not what I was expecting as an opener for David Allan Coe. That’s cool though, it gave me more time to go back to the car and kick back another beer.

Once Suck Country was done playing I squeezed inside to secure a good spot to see David. The other dudes were still out on the porch but they came in after a while.  It seemed like forever until DAC and his band finally came out.  It looked like the poor old dude needed some help getting up to the stage but the crowd was going nuts none the less.

I must say I was a little starstruck to see him live on stage.  David Allan Coe is an outlaw country legend and is up there with Waylon, Willie, Hank Jr., ect. as far as I’m concerned. I believe he wrote some of the best real country songs of all time; some of which he played that night.

Some of the notable songs I remember him playing that night were:  The Ride, You Never Even Called Me by My Name, If that Ain’t Country (Part 2), and Leave Ole Willie Alone. He also did a cool sample of a bunch of songs he’d written that other famous artists had covered.

For being 72 I thought he put on a pretty damn good show, he even had two shots of whiskey on stage (that I was able to count anyway).  By the end of the night I was feeling my own fair share of whiskey after taking many pulls off my flask that I had snuck in; I mean, c’mon, it was a DAC concert after all!

When the show was over we walked outside only to find someone had a little too much fun and had to be taken away in an ambulance.  At first I was worried that maybe it was David, but luckily it wasn’t.

I must say the show and the trip up to Cave Creek was some good times.  I’d definitely love to go back!

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