Verona and Bolognia

Sunday morning we left our bed and breakfast in the hills of Salzburg and caught a train to Innsbruck where we wanted to catch a night train into Venice. It began to rain on our way to Innsbruck and when we finally arrived at the station it was pouring. When we tried to place our reservation for the night train we were struck with the unfortunate news that it was sold out. We had to now come up with a new plan or be stranded in Innsbruck for the night. We opted to book a hotel in Verona and stay there for the night which would position us to get to Venice the next morning.


We got to Verona just fine and made our way to our hotel which was about a mile walk from the train station.


We got dinner at the hotel restaurant where we ordered strictly vegetable dishes since we had been pretty much living off of bread and cheese. We turned in for the night and set the alarm for 5:45am so we could catch an early train to Venice. When I woke up in the morning I checked the weather forecast which showed rain all day in Venice. Well that didn’t seem like fun so we decided to sleep a couple more hours and instead just catch a train to Bolognia where we would be able to meet up with an Italian friend of mine, Estafania, who I had met back on my Europe trip in 2005.


We got into Bolognia in the early afternoon but discovered Estafania would not be home until about 6:30pm so we had some time to kill. We walked around Bolognia for a bit but finally settled at a cafe where we got some drinks and did some more planning for the remainder of our trip.


Eventually we met up with Estafania in a plaza near her house. She showed us to her apartment where we got to meet her cat and two dogs. She made us dinner which was really sweet and we hung out and talked for a bit. Later that night her girlfriend, Sara, came home, who we also got to meet.

The next day we took a trip to Venice. We checked out San Marco Plaza and wondered around the twisting Venetian streets finally stopping at a cafe where we relaxed, had some drinks, and took in the surroundings.


In the evening we went back to Bolognia where we grabbed dinner and then watched a movie at Estafania’s house while we waited for our night train to Naples.

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