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Europe in 3 Weeks

So we are gearing up for our summer trip across Europe for 3 weeks (more like 18 days) where we will visit about 8 different countries.  It’s kind of a tall order but I think we can do it. Every time I mention I’m going to Europe people always ask where I am going so I decided I might as well post it here.

The plan goes as follows:  Fly into Madrid in the morning and that night catch a night train straight to Paris. Stay there for a day or two or more then make our way up to Belgium and the Netherlands. Then we’ll head East through Germany to end up in Prague. We will probably stay there a night or two. Then we’ll meander South to Salzburg where we have a quaint little hostel booked.  The plan is to take a 2 hour train from Salzburg into Munich were it will be the first day of Oktoberfest. After the shenanigans there we’ll head back to our hostel in Salzburg to recover; then move down to Venice.  We’ll only stay there a day and then skip down to Rome, maybe down to Pompei, then up the West coast of Italy hitting up whatever seaside villages we can and swing by Pisa as well. The last part of the journey isn’t quite all figured out yet but ultimately we’ll end back up in Madrid to fly home.