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Madrid to Paris

Our flight into Madrid seemed shorter than we thought it would which was nice. We got in to Madrid pretty early in the morning around 6:30am. Our first line of business was to hop on the metro and head to the train station where we could make reservations for our night train to Paris.


We bought a couple all day metro passes and headed for the Chamartin Train Station. Getting there was easy but booking our reservations was a little harder. After talking to two attendants and with some scrappy Spanish we were finally able to reserve a couple of beds on a sleeper train. With that all done we headed into central Madrid to explore.


We got coffee and checked out some of the old plazas which were quite nice. After a while it started getting pretty hot and a walking around with our packs got a little tiring. All we wanted to do was eat and we had one specific vegetarian restaurant in mind, but of course it didn’t open until 1pm. We waited grumpily until it finally opened and ended up ordering way too much food.

Since we were still really tired from our 14 hour flight from the states, and we still had the afternoon left to spend in Madrid, we decided to head over to Retiro Park so we could relax. We found a nice shady spot in some grass where Sayaka ended up falling asleep for a bit. Later we walked further into the park to find an awesome lake with people paddling around it in boats.


It was quite an amazing park and I wish we could’ve spent more time there, however we had to head back to the train station to catch our train. We got some weird sandwiches there for dinner and finally boarded for our night journey to Paris. I shared my cabin with a couple Australian dudes and Sayaka just had one French girl in hers. I fell asleep quite quickly on the train but kept waking up in the night thinking I was on a boat since the train rocked so much. At some moments I felt as if we were going to flip of the tracks. In the morning I felt amazingly rested. When we got into Paris we headed for our hostel hoping for an early check-in which we got. We booked a private room which is nice to have after traveling with a bunch of other people for so long.


Our hostel is in The Montmartre area and we have a pretty nice view out our window. We will stay here tonight and tomorrow we move to a hotel in the same vicinity.