Journey to Hundred Peaks Section

This page is to keep track of my summits on the Sierra Club Hundred Peaks Section List.

  1. Mount Baldy
    Summit Date:  October 19th, 2008
    Route:  Ski Hut Trail (Route 2)
  2. San Gorgonio Mountain
    Summit Date:  June 7th, 2009
    Route:  Via Vivian Creek (2 day backpack with camp at High Creek)
  3. San Jacinto Peak
    Summit Date:  July 3rd, 2010
    Route:  Via Aerial Tramway (Route 1)
  4. Timber Mountain
    Summit Date:  June 18th, 2011
    Route:  Icehouse Canyon (Route 1)
  5. Smith Mountain
    Summit Date:  August 13th, 2011
    Route:  Bear Creek Trail (Route 1)
  6. Winston Peak
    Summit Date:  January January 28th, 2012
    Route:  Via Cloudburst Summit (Route 1)
  7. Mount Wilson
    Summit Date:  December 9th, 2012
    Route:  Via Chantry Flat (Route 3)
  8. Mount Baden-Powell
    Summit Date:  December 14, 2012
    Route:  PCT via Vincent Gap (Route 1)
  9. Mout Hawkins
    Summit Date:  August 3rd, 2013
    Route:  Windy Gap Trail (Route 4)
  10. Mount Islip
    Summit Date:  August 3rd, 2013
    Route:  Windy Gap Trail (Route 3)
  11. Waterman Mountain
    Summit Date:  January 12th, 2014
    Route:  Waterman Trail
  12. Cucamonga Peak
    Summit Date:  November 5th, 2016
    Route:  Icehouse Canyon (Route 1)
  13. Strawberry Peak
    Summit Date:  December 17th, 2016
    Route:  Via Red Box (Route 1)
  14. Will Thrall Peak
    Summit Date:  November 12th, 2016
    Route:  Via Buckhorn Campground (Route 1)
  15. Tahquitz Peak
    Summit Date:  February 10th, 2018
    Route:  South Ridge Trail (HPS Route 2)
  16. Mount Hillyer
    Summit Date:  February 24th, 2018
    Route:  Mount Hillyer Trail via Three Points
  17. Pacifico Mountain
    Summit Date:  May 19th, 2018
    Route:  PCT via Little Rock Truck Road 5N04 (HPS Route 3)